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The Struggle Is Real

Sharing Files

Well, it seems sharing files between two Macs is a little harder than it looks.
I've been trying to access my Photo Library so I would be able to use the laptop. But all I get is a black page? Also, I wanted too work on the website from my laptop but it seems that all I get is an old setup… The struggle is real! LOL

It Begins

The journey begins,

Welcome to my first blog post on my newly remodeled website.
What I will not be discussing on my blog is what camera make is the best over the other, or computer platform best over the other. What I will discuss is my thoughts on photography, art, my travel adventures, and anything that maybe of interest.
I will be posting once or twice a month so as not to bore you to death.
And if possible I’m going to see if I can post video blogs on my site or to either Facebook or YouTube.
So lets us both enjoy the journey together.

Walk In Beauty