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About Me.

"It's not the destination that should excite you but the journey."

Hello! My name is Michael Hine. My photographic journey started with the very first camera my dad bought me. This allowed me to photograph what I saw during our family travels. And from those first sometimes blurry black and white photos...and a few photos with my thumb in the way, my love for photography grew into a life long passion. So sit back relax, and enjoy my photographs, and the natural wonder's of our world. My artwork has been featured in publications and galleries and shows nation wide winning many awards for my artwork. As an artist, there is considerable amount of thought that goes into making a photograph. Decisions are made before the shutter is even pressed – such as, what filter to use, lighting, and lens selection. Back home there is editing of the images, printing them, and deciding which paper will make the image look its best. My photography has taken me to many beautiful locations and I look forward to sharing those images and experiences with you.

Walk in Beauty

Mike Hine