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About Me.

“ The only way out is through” - Robert Frost

As a young child, I traveled across the country with my family. We saw many oceans, many mountains and we captured their beautiful moments on film. My father gave me a camera along one of these trips and little did I know what a journey it would lead me on. Many of my first photos were blurry black and white images of landscapes, and of my thumb which was accidentally placed in front of the lens. Since my first camera and set of photos, I have grown into a nationally recognized photographer. My images have been shown in galleries and shows from coast to coast. With awards from Greeley National Art Show, where I won first place in photography, to the Hagaman Art Show where I won Peoples Choice and many more in-between. My art portrays my desire to show the public the beauty that still lies in the natural settings of the earth. And just like my family travels, photography has brought me to the most majestic places I could have imagined. These are the places and visions I share, share through my images for all to see, ponder and enjoy. Through the years I have had the pleasure to share my knowlege of photography, photo editing and printing with organations, schools and one on one. If you care to expand your knowlege about photography and take better photos it would be my pleasure to show you.

Mike Hine